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Shree Ram Global School

‘Learning to BE’ is the tagline of Shri Ram Global School Greater Noida (West) which clearly brings out the ethos of the school – allowing each unique individual to fulfil its calling in life by realizing its full potential. Shri Ram Global School, Greater Noida (West) is a K-12 co-educational day school, located in the newly set up township of Greater Noida. Its sprawling 4 acre campus is adorned with State of the Art STEM Labs; Studios for Visual and Performing Arts; Swimming and Splash Pools; Football, Cricket and Tennis Courts; Indoor Badminton, Basketball and Skating facilities; Junior Gym; Auditorium and Technology enabled classrooms with Wi-Fi and CCTV amenities. More impressive is the curriculum and extra curriculum executed by exceptionally bright and trained faculty. The Shri Ram culture is apparent as you enter the premises and is reinforced in every classroom, enabled by dedicated staff and supported by a small class size of 30-32.

Shri Ram Global School

SHRI RAM EDUCATION TRUST has been founded with a vision to create, promote, support and manage educational institutes from pre-school to university level. The Trust also envisions contributing to the wellbeing of children, the environment, communities and mankind through well planned activities.
The SHRI RAM GROUP enjoys a celebrated presence worldwide. Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, founded in 1928 and Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University founded in 1956 epitomize the vision and mission of the group with continued delivery of excellent quality and highest standards in higher education. SRET’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of children and society at large, through its planning, policies, programs and their implementation of its motivated workforce.
Considered as one of the finest schools providing contemporary education among the schools in greater Noida west, SRGS is located near the expressway in Greater Noida west and having good connectivity through road.

Chairperson’s Profile


“Jyoti Kapur is an entrepreneur & a social worker. With a background of a Master of Economics, she has brilliantly pursued and achieved in several spheres of work. She is on the Board of Management of a school in Panipat, where she works hard to guide the education of children from less privileged homes - thus fulfilling a great responsibility.”


Welcome to SRGS NOIDA - a school with a legacy that is unmatched in the field of education.We live in exciting and fast changing times, and this means that providing a well-rounded education is more important than ever. SRGS is a forward - thinking school that enthusiastically embraces innovation and new opportunity, without losing sight of our basic value systems and culture.

Shree Ram Global School

The school provides a broad - based education, designed to enable all students to discover their strengths, to make the most of their talents within SRGS and beyond. By nurturing in our Learners, a sense of pride, high aspirations as well as confidence in coping with all kinds of real - life situations and setbacks, we prepare our learners to not only fulfil their academic potential but also to prosper beyond the confines of the curriculum and to have the transferable skills to flourish beyond the cushioned walls of academic life.

SRGS encourages intellectual curiosity and emboldens each learner to develop as a principled, open-minded, compassionate member of the community. The plethora of varied facilities offered by the school will allow each child's individual talent to shine. Attention to each child, academically or otherwise is practiced relentlessly. We strive to bring out each child's unique talents and guide them into developing their interests and personal qualities.

By building strong relationships with parents and meeting each child's individual needs through a high staff to child ratio, we steer the child towards excellence. I wish every child who Joins SRGS NOIDA family success in every sphere!

Director’s Profile


Sanjiv Kapur is an eminent citizen, a great social worker and philanthropist. Trustee of B. L Kapur Memorial Hospital and Secretary of the Board of Trustees. He is also a member of the Board of Management of the hospital. While providing world-class medical care, Mr Kapur does not forget those who cannot afford the same and therefore diligently promotes charity work from the hospital. He is also the President of the trust which runs MKK Arya Model School in Panipat. The school gives scholarships to those in need and provides affordable education, The Trust also runs a free medical facility at Panipat. Thus he inherently works towards ensuring education and medical care to those who are unable to afford it.

Shree Ram Global School

Education is not only a great responsibility; it is an immense privilege. Today’s learners are the leaders of tomorrow. Guiding young minds to develop into successful and caring citizens involves inculcating in them virtues of perseverance, tolerance and integrity along with sharpening their mental and physical abilities. Promoting independent thought and creativity allows each child’s unique capabilities to blossom and this is what we at SRGS are determined to achieve. While we respect individuality, the significance of teamwork cannot be overlooked. Nurturing the virtues and the value system we speak of demands that the school and its staff dedicate themselves completely. In this endeavour we also take along the parents to complete the SRGS family.

Welcome to the family of SRGS !

Director’s Profile


Pranav Kapur is a sportsman of international stature. He represents the Indian Polo Team both nationally and internationally. He participated in the Polo World Cup 2017 and Asia Cup 2017. He has also participated in various tournaments across the world including Colombia, South Africa and the United States.


I once read somewhere that “School should be fun and happy children are more likely to be successful.” I couldn't agree more and I am sure many others too would agree with this thought. In order to nourish children who are full of self-esteem, pride and the spirit to excel, we at SRGS have developed a curriculum that encourages the development and growth of various facets of a child’s personality. Our learners are therefore exposed to a variety of learning experiences within and outside the classroom. Coupled with a carefully planned and meticulously followed pedagogy, the curriculum ensures that our children excel in several spheres.

Shree Ram Global School

Being a sportsman myself, I understand and believe that participation on the field enhances one’s confidence even in the classroom. After all, a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand to develop a dynamic personality. To foster such citizens we at SRGS, ensures that myriad facilities are provided to our learners.

I wish all our learners at SRGS NOIDA happy times and a bright future!

Education Director’s Profile


Ms. Geeta Varshneya has been promoted as Education Director on 01 April, 2021 in Shri Ram Global School, Greater Noida West. She has been in School administration now for 19 years. She has attended the best of educational institutions and has made her mark in the same - Summer Fields School, New Delhi; Lady Shri Ram College; Delhi School of Economics; SNDT Women’s Univ.; DNV; Princeton- U.S.A.; Queens Univ. Canada.

She was Education Director at Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad and Principal of CLG World School, Moradabad and DPSG International earlier. Her innovations and the progress chart in school education has been noteworthy. Specially, in Creating and improving Systems, Curriculum Planning, School Audit, Teacher Motivation and Training, including training for Mentor-Teachers. Her experiments in Differential Teaching have fructified into excellent Academic Results (Boards as well as NTSE, Olympiads, IITJEE etc.).

Shree Ram Global School

Her model of school ICOMS has been picked up by DNV for their international training program. Her case study on School Audit (undertaken for Queens University, Kingston, Canada) has given her the advantage of looking objectively at the ‘The Big Picture’.
She has been successful in combining the ‘Achievement’ and ‘Ability’ assessment of school children and has devised and implemented measurable rubrics for the same.
During her tenure she is the recipient of many prestigious awards like Global Teacher Accreditation Award by The British Council, Lifetime contribution for the cause of Education by Mewar Group of Institutions, Best District Principal Award from Science Olympiad Foundation for 2016-17, National Leadership Award in Thought Leadership in Co-curricular Education in School 2019 by ScoolStars to name a few.
She has conducted numerous training programs for teachers and is an ACER certified Trainer in Strategic Leadership and has conducted trainings for Principals of CBSE schools all over India in Strategic Leadership. She has been on numerous Panels and Committees bringing reforms in education.
She has conducted numerous training programs for teachers and is an ACER certified Trainer in Strategic Leadership and has conducted trainings for Principals of CBSE schools all over India in Strategic Leadership. She has been on numerous Panels and Committees bringing reforms in education.
She believes that generally human beings want to - do good work and be recognized for the same. This positive approach has helped her in creating successful teams.

Shri Ram Global School is committed to create the best multi - sensory learning environment that will guide a child's transition from home to school and community and thus lay the foundation for lifelong success.

For almost a century, the Shri Ram Family has created, supported and managed some of the country’s finest educational institutions, among them are the Shri Ram College of Commerce and Lady Shri Ram College for Women respectively.
Shri Ram Global School is an initiative of the Shri Ram Education Trust, an Institution conceived to impact the best education, coupled with development of values and personality traits that breed achievers.

To create a highly-skilled and caring team that respects the unique nature of the child and seeks to make its welfare central to its philosophy. To create a collaborative environment with our pupils' families, and through this partnership, nurture their abilities to achieve their highest potential. To ensure that a well-balanced, developmentally-appropriate curriculum and infrastructure creates opportunities for intellectual and social development, creativity and physical growth.

Providing Quality Education in a Creative Environment that's why comes in top two schools in Greater Noida.

Our Philosophy

It is recognized and valued that children bring their own perspectives and cultures as well as experiences to the classroom. At the Shri Ram Global School we are acutely sensitive to the nurturing of your child during formative years when human character takes shape. Children explore who they are in relation to the others in the world and who they are as unique individuals. They are encouraged to express interest, respect, sensitivity and responsibility while interacting with others. It is our constant endeavor that every child in our care is endowed with the noble qualities of character that makes him or her in time a responsible and responsive member of the community.

Our Core Values

Shree Ram Global SchoolOur fervent endeavour is to ensure that each student is endowed with the qualities and traits that are a hallmark of every Shri Ram Global Student Confidence, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Curiosity, Creativity, Compassion and Commitment. That’s our way of learning beyond.