Counsellor Words

Shree Ram Global School

In an increasingly competitive world, where the schooling landscape has undergone significant changes, it is important that students feel supported and confident and are able to adopt to changing environment.

At SHRI RAM GLOBAL SCHOOL, we strongly feel that it is imperative to merge academics and character development for developmental growth to be a productive citizen.

We are working together as a team to address topics like academic challenges, career development , social skills , performance , mental health , stress management etc.

Our trained psychologists are an important support system for students, encouraging them to make healthy choices, to acquire a sense of civic responsibility and to develop the skills necessary to realize their individual goals. The school also conducts workshops through the year for the benefits of all students and parents. The school emphasises on the positive approach.

Positive approach is all about looking things from a positive point of view and this positive attitude helps the students to relax, remember, focus and absorb information in their daily life.

Do try the link on parenting style to know your own parenting style so that you improve it!

Thank you

Ms. Kanika Kamboj
School Counselor