Winners of Interschool Athletics Competition held at SBS

Congratulations to Shri Ram Global School

We are thrilled to announce that our school's track and field team emerged victorious in the highly anticipated interschool athletics competition held at Step by Step School Noida on  9th and 10th February 2024 for grade III to V.With grit, determination, and sheer talent, our athletes showcased their skills.

In a display of exceptional athleticism, our team dominated the competition, securing top placements in various events. From blazing sprints to impressive jumps and throws, our athletes left a lasting impression on spectators and competitors alike.This victory is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our athletes, coaches, and supporters who have tirelessly worked towards this goal. We extend our gratitude to everyone who has played a part in our success, from our school administration.

As we celebrate this momentous achievement, we look forward to building on our success and continuing to strive for excellence in athletics. This victory is not just a triumph for our team but also a source of pride for our school and community. We are honored to have represented our school on the podium of victory.

Step by step school athletics competition Results

1st Position 
Ayush 4C -  long jump
Satvika 4D - Ball throw
Pratyaksh 5A - Ball throw
Kanishka 3A - Ball throw
Grade 3 Girls relay 
Gauri 3A
Kanishka 3A
Swara 3A
Ananya 3B
Second Position 
Srishti 3B - long jump
Arnav 3D - long jump
Saanvi 4C - Ball throw
Kanishka 3A - 60 mtr
Naksh 5A - 200 MTR
Pranav 5E - long jump

Mix Relay Grade  3 -
Aviral 3B
Rishab 3E
Gauri 3A
Kanishka 3A

3rd position
Pratyaksh 5A - 100 mtr
Bhavya 5A - long jump
Poorvi 4C - 200 mtr
Swara 3A -  Ball throw
Vaanya 5A -  Ball throw

Boys Relay Grade 3 
Rohan 3A
Rishab 3E
Aviral 3B
Yuvraj 3E

Boys Relay Grade 4 

Aditya 4A
Adhrit 4D
Ayush 4C
Arnav 3D

Girls Relay Grade 4 

Ekisha 4A
Amani 4E
Satvika 4D
Arpita 4C

Boys Relay Grade 5 

Pratyaksh Parashar  5A
Pranav Pathak 5 E
Naksh Bhati 5 A
Kushal Mourya 5E

Girls Relay Grade 5

Vaanya Nagar 5A
Anshika kinkar 5B
Avni Verma 5C 
Dahlia Verma 5C