SRGS has achieved first runner up in Taekwondo zonal fight

Congratulations to Shri Ram Global School

We are thrilled to announce that SRGS has achieved first runner-up among 29 schools in the Taekwondo Zonal Fight! We're incredibly proud of our 22 students who participated in this event. This competition, organized by NSPO and recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India, showcases our students' dedication and skill. Congratulations to all our students for their outstanding performance!"

BOYS :-  *Gold Medals*

1) Shaurya Sharma Cp3b Gold Medal
2) Vivaan Mishra 2d Gold Medal
3) Ojjas Aashish Saini 5b Gold Medal
4) Darsh Tiwari 2b Gold Medal
5) Parth Singh 4E Gold Medal

  BOYS:- *Silver Medals*

1) Abdul Hafiz Cp5a Silver Medal
2) Rudra Pratap Singh Cp4a Silver Medal.
3) Gauransh Cp4b Silver 
4) Viaan Malhotra 3e Silver Medal

BOYS:-  *Bronze Medals*

1) Ribhu Singh Cp4a Bronze Medal

GIRLS:-  *Gold Medals*

1) Anushka Pandey 5c Gold Medal
2) Alena Tomar 5f Gold Medal
3) Aaradhya Dahaliya 3a Gold Medal

GIRLS:- *Silver Medals*

1) Anika Cp4b Silver Medal 
2) Mohi Asthana 2b Silver Medal

GIRLS:- *Bronze Medals*

1) Anvika Rai 3f Bronze Medal
2) Iti Gupta Cp4b Bronze Medal 
3) Kaira 3b Bronze Medal

*Of these, 18 children won medals*